Another Day…

Amazing isn’t it, what all can be done another day. You could easily put things off forever. Of course, nothing would get done. Are we ever done? Nope.  I love lists and drawing lines through the things I’ve accomplished each day. I notice though, I’m never done. Some things have to be moved to the following day. Some times things get moved to the next list for a week or a month or longer! The only one that nags me to get it done is me.  I can be quite a nag.

What happens if I misplace that list?  Some things I can remember, but what about all those other things that were on it?  Where do they end up? Did it really need to be purchased or taken care of?  How important is it to follow through? Miss your doctor appointment? You’ll get charged anyway! Forget to walk the dog? Those soulful eyes will chastise you.  Just do it another day.

Odds and Ends